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Check out this video from ABC Nightline about Doggy Fat Camp Video.  This is the 5:17 that launched the idea for K9 Swim& Trim!  Watch this and see if you don’t find yourself smiling at those happy, tail wagging, fat dogs!  The pool especially caught my eye.  I love water and swimming.  An in ground pool like the Morris Animal Inn’s would be a dream come true, but the more I researched, the more I was sold on an above ground pool with swim current.  The harness tethers you see in the video aren’t necessary when your dog is swimming in place against current!  Another difference is that you will see me in the pool with your dog, not staying dry on the deck.  The Fit Fur Life treadmill caught my eye too and after research, I discovered it was considered the Rolls Royce of animal treadmills.  If you have ever seen other dog treadmills, the difference is immediately clear.  The results after 2 weeks of doggy fat camp were impressive.  The owners were pleased, the dogs were more active and seemed comfortable with the new forms of exercise.  I was inspired!  I discovered there wasn’t a facility like The Morris Animal Inn in the Chicago suburbs.  I looked at the area pools for dogs that existed and found that the emphasis was on therapy for dogs after surgery or dogs with mobility issues.  What about the 52% of dogs who are overweight or the dogs who are fit and would like a “gym” to work out in?  The pools were mostly appointment only also.  I thought more dogs could take advantage of swimming or treadmill exercise if it was more convenient for the owner.  That’s when I started looking for a dog daycare with some extra space.  The Dog Spot was 8,000 SF and the owner, Lisa Dwyer, was eager to add new services to her clients.  K9 Swim & Trim, Inc. was officially born May 2013.  Come visit us if this video inspires you too!

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