• Swim appointments are for 30 minutes.
  • Only dogs are allowed in the pool. You may sit and watch your dog or get more involved from the side of the pool. There are chairs on the deck for you to sit and watch. Prepare to get wet when your dog gets out of the water and shakes off!
  • The pool is 8’6″ X 18′ X 5. When current is used, the pool becomes “endless”.
  • The current generator is the same as used in human pools. It is NOT a jet. It is optional and adjustable according to the abilities and goals of each individual dog. It allows them to swim in place, rather than in circles or from edge to edge, turning in between.
  • There is a resting bench at the end of the pool. Periodic rests are given on an individual basis depending on the condition, age, etc of each dog.
  • All dogs wear life vests for the first swim. The vests come in all sizes and are designed to not limit mobility, while having handles that assist with lifting in and out of the water and guiding while in the water. Vests will be optional for good swimmers after the first swim, but allow most dogs to actually swim with less effort for longer times.
  • The pool is heated to 85 degrees. The warm temperature is helpful for arthritic conditions and helps to relax muscles and increase blood flow.
  • The cement deck around the pool is heated from below. There are chairs where you can sit and relax during your dog’s swim.
  • Personal toys are allowed if they float! Other toys will be supplied by the pool.
  • All dogs will be towel dried. On cold days they MAY also be blow dried. Heavy coated dogs may still be damp after a swim.
  • Water quality is monitored daily prior to use. The water is UV light sanitized along with a low level of chlorine.


  • $45 30 Minute Session
  • $160 Package of 4 Swims
  • $320 Package of 8 Swims

60+ Senior citizen pays $40/ per 30 minute swim session.


  • $50 2 dogs (same family or friends) sharing a 30 minute appointment
  • $75 2 dogs (same family or friends) sharing a 60 minute appointment

60+ Senior citizen pays $40/swim for 2 dogs.

Therapy swims may be partially covered by pet insurance

  • Questionnaires are filled out prior to the evaluation.
  • The evaluation consists of calculating an ideal weight, determining the number of calories/day and providing tips for home exercise.
  • Maximum weight loss= 1-2% body weight/week. This is 1-2 lbs for a 100 lb dog. Oz for a small dog.
  • No single weight loss diet is right for every dog. Clients may continue with smaller portions of their regular diet, but this could lead to nutritional deficiencies depending on the food. They may also continue on any prescription diet from their veterinarian. Home prepared diets will not be able to be evaluated for calorie or nutritional value. One or two dry, calorie restricted dog foods will be recommended that may be purchased from pet supply stores.