• Swim appointments are for 30 minutes.

  • Only dogs are allowed in the pool. You may sit and watch your dog or get more involved from the side of the pool. There are chairs on the deck for you to sit and watch. Prepare to get wet when your dog gets out of the water and shakes off!

  • The pool is 8'6" X 18' X 5. When current is used, the pool becomes "endless".

  • The current generator is the same as used in human pools. It is NOT a jet. It is optional and adjustable according to the abilities and goals of each individual dog. It allows them to swim in place, rather than in circles or from edge to edge, turning in between.

  • There is a resting bench at the end of the pool. Periodic rests are given on an individual basis depending on the condition, age, etc of each dog.

  • All dogs wear life vests for the first swim. The vests come in all sizes and are designed to not limit mobility, while having handles that assist with lifting in and out of the water and guiding while in the water. Vests will be optional for good swimmers after the first swim, but allow most dogs to actually swim with less effort for longer times.

  • The pool is heated to 85 degrees. The warm temperature is helpful for arthritic conditions and helps to relax muscles and increase blood flow.

  • The cement deck around the pool is heated from below. There are chairs where you can sit and relax during your dog's swim.

  • Personal toys are allowed if they float! Other toys will be supplied by the pool.

  • All dogs will be towel dried. On cold days they MAY also be blow dried. Heavy coated dogs may still be damp after a swim.

  • Water quality is monitored daily prior to use. The water is UV light sanitized along with a low level of chlorine.


    • Questionnaires are filled out prior to the evaluation.

    • The evaluation consists of calculating an ideal weight, determining the number of calories/day and providing tips for home exercise.

    • Maximum weight loss= 1-2% body weight/week. This is 1-2 lbs for a 100 lb dog. Oz for a small dog.

    • No single weight loss diet is right for every dog. Clients may continue with smaller portions of their regular diet, but this could lead to nutritional deficiencies depending on the food. They may also continue on any prescription diet from their veterinarian. Home prepared diets will not be able to be evaluated for calorie or nutritional value. One or two dry, calorie restricted dog foods will be recommended that may be purchased from pet supply stores.



$40 30 Minute Session

$135 Package of 4 Swims

$250 Package of 8 Swims

20% Senior Citizen (over age 60) discount can be taken on single swims in any quantity, but cannot be added to package discounts. That means a senior citizen pays $32/swim.


$50 2 dogs (same family or friends) sharing a 30 minute appointment

$75 2 dogs (same family or friends) sharing a 60 minute appointment

20% senior discounts can be applied.

Therapy swims may be partially covered by pet insurance

What People Say About K9 Swim & Trim

  • Gumbo had a great time swimming today! It was an excellent workout for her. I wish we lived closer so we could bring her in more often.

    Jamie Sariyavong, Gumbo's Mom
  • When we decided to adopt a black lab tripod from CILRA lab rescue, I researched to see if they had special needs and found that swimming was great for their core and leg muscle strength as well as keeping their weight down. Although he was hesitant at first, Dr. Barb's gentle and kind manner instilled his trust in her; and he swam like a black seal.  She challenged his competitive spirit and raced him for his beloved tennis balls.  Her own enjoyment in swimming with Bopper shows on her face and in her voice. In addition, her experience as a veterinarian and CCRT (to be) helped develop his core and muscle strength and maintain his weight.  His rehab and acupuncture vets marvel at his muscle development and flexibility. Bopper is always excited to see Dr. Barb, and he runs to her and rewards her with slur pies (kisses).

  • Dr. Barb is great and very sweet with her furry patients. I think swimming is a great weight loss tool for pets!

    Anneliese Foy Trotcky, Pup Parent
  • Dr. Barb is very patient and caring with her patients (even though water may not be their thing). I would highly recommend her.

    Kathy Muruato
  • Swimming has changed Shiloh's life by giving him the needed exercise without the stress as I continue to search for someone to pinpoint his leg issue.  For a dog who had never been in water he adapted well mainly due to your kindness and his sense of security with you.  He trusts you to help him as do I.  I'm glad I found you as our experience has been a positive one.  P.S. Thank you for helping me feel better.

    Shiloh and Dawn Rumoro
  • Because of you I'm the dog I was supposed to be.  I can do things now that 6 months ago seemed impossible.  Thank you for your help.

    Doug Ploen for Riley, Riley's Owner
  • Bocephus & I like Barb.  She is very good w/my Bocephus.  Professional but caring.  Thanks for all your help with Bocephus' ACL rehab.

    Lisa Perez, Pup Parent
  • Barb- You know what a happy boy Brady is!  And how pain free, thanks to you - love the holistic healing after having 2 labs with ACL tears. SO much better without surgery.  I will get out there again soon with him- we miss you!

    Cheryl McCarthy, Pup Parent
  • My dog loves coming- it keeps her fit and you helped her recover!!

    Lee Cera, Bella's Pup Parent
  • Sophie has been swimming with Barb once a week for a year.  I was recommended to K9 Swim & Trim from my vet, Dr. Dowd.  Sophie is a high energy Lab/Shepherd mix who has developed arthritis in her knees to the point she was having trouble walking up/down our deck stairs in the backyard.  She also had decreased activity endurance and couldn't hike with me our usual 4 mile hike on weekends.  The swim with Barb improved Sophie's hiking endurance to the point she completed her 4 mile hike with my husband & myself last Oct 2015.  She no longer has trouble with our deck steps.  The weekly swim time has improved her hip muscle strength and hip flexibility tremendously. Thank you Barb for helping our dog become a part of our lives again.